NaNoWriMo Update; Week 1 // Emile

Hello everyone,

I do realise that I didn't make a post announcing that I was taking part in NaNoWriMo, and for that I apologise. I started writing one but unfortunately it never made its way out onto the internet. Just a brief explanation, I am writing a novel with A from ABook Philosophy. She is an absolutely amazing writer and all round fabulous person (I might be slightly biased) so please go and have a look at her blog. Her posts are very funny!

We are currently on 9002 words, so 1000 behind :/ I'm going to continue writing after I finish this post to try and boost our word count to where it should be. I cannot even begin to describe how much I am enjoying writing. I never really took myself as the type, despite being an avid reader. This has really encouraged me to have faith in my writing skills. Here is an excerpt from one of our chapters that I wrote:

“You know I tried to take a picture of the fog once, but I mist,” he quipped. Her expression didn’t change. “You know because of the homophone, missed and mist, like water vapour. D’ya get it?” He asked, looking at her hopefully. She still didn’t say anything. 

“Well then we’ll start at the beginning. Hello, I’m Elliot, I’m 21 years old, my birthday is December 7th, my favourite colour is sort of leafy green, I really don’t like tomatoes at all, and I’m currently thinking about why you’re not saying anything.”

He looked at her hopefully. 

“You’re an asshole.” She somehow managed to say it without moving her facial features, except now she looked less curious and more unimpressed. She was obviously very certain that her comment was true though; her eyebrows were deeply set into the bored expression.

“Come on! That’s a bit harsh. Tell me something about you! What’s your favourite colour? Did I mention that mine is leafy green?”

“Well then, leaf me alone,” she said in a monotone. 

The End,

OMG; Days 8 and 9 // Emile

Hello everyone,

I met Sarah J. Maas today.
I met Sarah J. Maas today.
I met Sarah J. Maas today.
I met Sarah J. Maas today!!!

I cannot believe it at all! I am so happy but still slightly in shock. She was so completely lovely and sweet she still signed our books even with a hurt wrist (get well soon!). I would just like to say, for the entire fandom, that I have heard in person that Fleetfoot will survive. The worrying part of that is that Sarah's exact words were "Fleetfoot is the only guaranteed survivor". That means that there's a lot of death on the cards. Ooh dear. She was in conversation with Lucy Saxon and they had an utterly hilarious conversation about hot guys and being weird and Throne of Glass. All things that I like. I basically wanted to tell you about my experience and that Sarah is as lovely and sweet and funny as I imagined. Here is my lovely signed book:

The End,

Currently Reading; Maud// 09.10.16

Hello everyone,

I just got back from a rehearsal and I need to do my English homework but I don't really get it so I'm putting it off. All weekend, I have wasted my time away on tumblr and Stranger Things.
omg stranger things is my life ahhhhh!

Anyway, I am currently reading...

Library of Souls
(I'm on page 70ish because I haven't read much of it this week).

This Book Is Gay
(I'm around page 40 and I'm loving it).

I hope you're enjoying Emile's PEDO ;-)
Happy Reading!